There are a multitude of resources available to you if you find a bug, or if you are having difficulty figuring out a part of the game. Reporting Bugs

All bug reports should be submitted to the Game Masters (from within the game, click yourself, choose Special, then Call A Game Master, then Normal GM Call). In many cases the GMs will be able to assist you in resolving the bug you have encountered, however some bugs must be resolved by a Developer. If a Developer is required the GM will assist you in getting in touch with them. If a Developer is not currently available the GM will document the problem and ensure that it gets escalated to the Developers for review.
Getting Help

For questions regarding how to play the game, or how to achieve a certian goal within the context of the game, it is highly recommended that you first exhaust all the resources you have available to you prior to making a GM call. Part of the joy of ATITD is in working with others to resolve any problems you may encounter or to discover how items function within the context of the game.

Getting Help In-Game: Mentors

When you first start the game you will find yourself on an island. While you are there other players act in the capacity of a mentor to help you learn how to play the game. Mentoring is one of the many tests you will encounter while playing ATITD. Though your interaction with other players in the test of mentorship may end once you leave the island (at least until you return to the islands as a mentor yourself), mentoring itself does not. Players that do well in ATITD generally seek out more experienced players once they arrive in Egypt proper, and help to contribute to a larger community. Other players are without a doubt the best resource for information about how to achive specific tasks.
Getting Help On The Web:

If you don't have any immediate contact with other players in the game you may find the resources available at very useful to you. The ATITD Wiki contains many articles written by other players that may help to explain specific tests and artifacts you will encounter in the game. The ATITD Forums are useful for exchanging information and ideas with other players that you may not otherwise encounter in game.
Getting Help On IRC: #atitd on

Another resource you may find useful for keeping in touch with other players is the ATITD Internet Relay Chat channel on Use any IRC client to connect to, join #atitd, and introduce yourself.
Calling a Game Master

If you have exhausted the above resources, and still can't quite figure out how to achieve your goal, you can contact a Game Master (from within the game, click yourself, choose Special, then Call A Game Master, then Normal GM Call). If they can, they will assist you in resolving your problem, however it is important to note that some secrets of the game are not even revealed to the GMs. It is up to you, and the game community as a whole, to resolve these particularly tricky problems.



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