New to A Tale in the Desert III is the implementation of a
leveling system. The concept of leveling is already familiar tomost MMO players, but the manner in which Tale 3 implementsthem is quite unique.


When you first start the game you are a Level 0 Peasant.
To gain your first level you must complete the Principles of
Citizenship. The principles are clearly listed under a tab of
the same name in the lower left hand window. Initially each
principle is marked "No", indicating you have not completed
that principle. The principle will be marked "Done" when you
complete the steps required to satisfy it. Once you have
completed all the Principles of Citizenship you will advance
to Level 1 and gain the title of "Citizen".

Note: In Beta "Principles of Citizenship" is currently labeled
" Welcome to Egypt".

Every time you gain a level you will be presented with a screen that shows what tests and technology you have gained access to, and what you will gain access to when you complete the next level. You can refer to this screen at any time by clicking on yourself, then "Special...", then "Show my Level and Future Goals".

Gaining Levels

As a Level 1 Citizen you can gain another level by completing the Principles of Architecture, Principles of Body or Principles of Leadership. Once you complete any one of these principles you will gain a level and receive a new title: "Initiate of Architecture", "Initiate of the Human Body" or "Initiate of Leadership".

As a Level 2 Initiate you can gain a level by completeing any of the principles you did not complete from Level 1, or any of the new principles gained at Level 2: Principles of Art and Music and Principles of Thought. Once you have completed any of these 4 principles you will gain a level and receive the title "Initiate of Two".

At Level 3 you can still gain a level by completing any of the
principles from Level 1 or 2, plus you can gain a level by
completing the Principles of Worship. Any of these will gain
you the title of "Initiate of Three". Additionally you also may
have the ability to compete in the "Test of the Obelisk" (if
you finished the Principles of Architecture) or the "Test of
the Demi-Pharaoh" (if you finished the Principles of

It is important to note that you do not need to pass the Test of the Obelisk or the Test of the Demi-Pharaoh in order to gain a level. Instead a level is gained by trying out various aspects of the tests, called the Principles of the Obelisk and the Principles of the Demi-Pharaoh respectively.

As tests are unlocked or released their associated principles
become available to players that have achieved or surpassed the level of that test, providing those players with another way in which to gain a level.



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