T3 NewsLetter Issue 2, 06/26/2006

Citizens of Egypt,

I am happy to report that A Tale in the Desert III has been going every bit as well as I had hoped. One thing I've never been happy with is the frequency of newsletters. So, I'd like to introduce Steve Wade, who recently started with eGenesis. I'll have a few words of my own, toward the bottom of each newsletter as well...


eGenesis Newsletter 6/23/2006


New Staff

Happenings in Egypt

eGenesis Player Meet

Tale Thus Far

Alvin Maker Update #1

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New Staff


Hello Citizens of Egypt,

There are a lot of familiar faces here at eGenesis for our third telling, but there are some fresh interns too. And then you have me. My name is

Steve, but you may have seen me floating around IRC as "Z."

Before I settled on public relations, I tried to be a lot of things: an astronaut, a rock star, Harrison Ford – I failed at them all. I was a sophomore in college when I actually thought about working in the gaming industry. I kept it a secret. I mean, what would my parents think? I was playing a game called Ultima Online at the time. Although I don't enjoy bragging, I believe I was a pioneer paving the gold farming road for future sweatshops in China. UO ended up paying for my first year of college.

I did some research, I looked at what positions existed and what would best suit me, and came to the conclusion that I hated math. Programming was out of the question. Numbers have never been good to me. 4+4 always equals 2.

What good is that? Anyone can do it, but with words. Maybe I can say something better than someone else. That was it. I found I had a knack for foolish, deceitful, or boastful language otherwise known as public relations.

After acquiring my education, I wanted to follow my dream and find a gaming company to work for. As some of you know that’s easier said than done, even more so when you live in West Virginia. It takes computer skills, good contacts, delicately applied bribes, and a lot of chance. One day while reading gaming news sites, I came across an article about two video game studios in Pittsburgh, only 100 miles north of my current residence. One was an MMO, and the rest is history.


Happenings in Egypt


Marriages & Congratulations:

As a new bride, the young Egyptian moved into the small home on her husband's compound. She put a small box inside and asked her husband never to touch it.

For 18 months, the husband left the box alone. One day when he was putting their affairs in order, he found the box again and thought it might hold something important. Opening it, he found two flint blades and 82,500 canvas.

He took the box to her and asked about the contents.

"On the day we married," she explained, "I started making flint blades to help ease my frustrations every time I got mad at you."

The husband was very touched that in 18 months she'd only been mad at him twice.

"What are the 82,500 canvas for?" he asked.

"Oh, those are the canvas I made trading the rest of the flint blades."

Here at eGenesis we know marriage can be a tricky business and would like to offer our congratulations to some of the first couples of Tale 3:

Trucidation & Quaix


DanDruff & Sitamun

ArkaellNemesis & LilyAnna

Balthazarr & sparkle

Zyros & Felidae

Menes & Akila

Rehpic & Bethesda

themadass & Nakia


eGenesis Player Meet


The official date for the player meet is Friday, September 22 through Sunday, September 24, 2006, here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We'll have hotel details in the next newsletter.


The Tale Thus Far


The highest levels achieved at the writing of this newsletter didn't come easy. It took hard work, lack of sleep, and no showering, but more importantly the drive to be the best. Leading the race is Trucidation at Level 16 with 286.84 hours of game time logged.

Current Highest Level Players:

1)Level 16: Trucidation - 286.84 hours

2)Level 15: Orashin - 148.84 hours

3)Level 14: Cathy - 178.25 hours

4)Level 14: Juniper - 162 hours

5)Level 14: OnlyAloha - 161.25 hours

6)Level 14: Srophkor - 159 hours

7)Level 14: Joaquin - 152.5 hours

8)Level 14: Menes - 149.75 hours

9)Level 14: Zowch - 121.5 hours


Alvin Maker Update #1


Maybe I shouldn't be talking about Alvin Maker yet? Maybe I shouldn't be showing you concept art? But granddad didn't stop making moonshine just because he shouldn't.

I remember when I first came for my interview with eGenesis. Andy was already talking about Alvin Maker and the nude hippie-infested beaches it was conceived on. I had never read the books and felt a little stupid when I found out it was from the same guy who wrote Ender's Game. I was sure the interview was going downhill at that point.

I just started the second book of the series and can't wait to see what happens to young Alvin next. eGenesis will bring fans of Orson Scott Card's world of Alvin Maker to their fingertips. And…that's all I am going to say for now.


Words from Teppy:

Just a quick note to let everyone know what I've been focusing on lately.

I've spent much of this past week creating a really robust Events System.

I'm planning several events this weekend, including at least two Phoenix'

Race, and a special trip to the fabled Wepwawet Spirit Arena, where we honor and reflect upon our ancestors who devoted themselves to the lost Discipline of Conflict.

I'll also chat about the player meet, and a major change to one of the Tests of Harmony. See the in-game calendar for details and times.

On the Nile,

Teppy (Pharaoh)


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