T3 NewsLetter Issue 5, 10/27/2006

Citizens of Egypt,

Z is busy talking with websites about this weekend's events, so, Teppy
here with newsletter #5.
First off, I just wanted to say "Thank You" to the 39 ATITD players from
all over the US and Europe that showed up here in Pittsburgh for our 2nd
ever Player Gathering. I can't tell you how gratifying it is to see that
so many real friendships have come about because of this unusual game
conceived so many years ago.
I've got a ton of stuff planned for this weekend, including one of our
traditional "Welcome Back" events. If you've previously played in ATITD III
but have since closed your account, log in any time between 6:00PM EST
(GMT-0500) Friday and Sunday Noon, no credit card required. Catch up with
old friends, join in the weekend's festivities, or just explore on your own.
I'm attending a games conference next week, and on the newsletter, one of
the people attending mentioned a game called "Mafia." A local friend from
Burning Man suggested playing a game called "Murder," and while browsing
the web, I noticed an old acquaintance had written a web page about a game
called "Werewolf." It turns out that these are all essentially the same
game, but how strange to encounter this three times in one week!
I've decided to adapt Andrew Plotkin's "Werewolf" version as a special
Halloween event. After doing some research online, I believe the biggest
Mafia-type game ever played was around 100 players, so my goal is to beat
that: To have the biggest such game in history, within ATITD. I'll explain
how it works:

- Starting Friday at 7:00PM EST (GMT-0500) you will be able to
build a Mortuary Temple. The cost is 13 boards, 13 Slate, and
13 Bricks. Mortuary Temples must be built within 100 coordinates of
a Chariot Stop. You'll have 24 hours to build your Mortuary Temple.
- On Saturday at 8:00PM EST (GMT-0500), you'll find out if you are a
Villager, a Werewolf, or a Seer (special Villager). Don't reveal this
information publicly!
- Play proceeds in a series of 60 minute rounds. The first round takes
place at "night." Werewolves sniff around at the Mortuary Temples to
pick up the scent of Villagers. Werewolves can also pick up a
Villager's scent by sniffing them directly. Any Villager whose scent
has been picked up can be attacked. If three werewolves attack a
Villager in the same night, the Villager dies. Werewolves can
recognize other Werewolves by scent, and may do this up to 3 times
each day.
- During the "day," it's the Villagers' turn to play. Each Villager
votes on one person to lynch - hopefully a Werewolf! If a person gets
7 votes, they die, and it is revealed whether they were a Werewolf.
- Some Villagers are Seers. A Seer can check to see if a player is a
Werewolf up to twice a day. In other words, because of their
knowledge, Seers are dangerous to Werewolves! If you are a
Seer, it's best not to let that be commonly known, or you are likely
to be targeted by Werewolves the next night. Seers can not vote.
- The game ends when there have been no killings for 2 consecutive days.
If there remain more Villagers (including Seers), then the Villagers
win, otherwise the Werewolves win. Ghostly prizes will be awarded
to only one side, and only to those that remain alive until the end.

On Saturday, beginning at Noon EST (GMT-0500) is the Great Egyptian
Smoke-Out! Enjoy a few hookah bowls of exotic herbs with friends. The more
friends you smoke with, the higher your Smoke-Out score. Again, prizes will
be awarded. A second set of prizes, aimed at encouraging those new to the
ancient art of Fumeology, will be awarded to those that most improve their
Fumeology skill. The Great Egyptian Smoke-Out will last for 24 hours.
Finally, for Halloween we'll be celebrating the harvest season with an
Egypt-wide Barley festival. It will start on Tuesday, October 31 at 12:00
Noon EST (GMT-0500), and last for 24 hours. The Barley Festival will reward
both Chefs and Gourmands. As a Gourmand, your goal is to sample as many
high-quality Barley dishes as possible. As you sample more and more, you'll
tend to get full, and additional dishes won't be as appealing. As a Chef,
your goal is to serve food to as many Gourmands as possible. Prizes will be
awarded to both top Chefs and top Gourmands.
One last bit of news: We have a new Website. The feature that I'm most
excited about is the live Calendar - any time an event is scheduled within
the game, it shows up on the website automatically. Check it out at
http://www.atitd.com - all events in this newsletter should already (or
soon) be visible on the website.

Haunting the Nile,
Teppy (Pharaoh)


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