T3 NewsLetter Issue 6, 09/18/2008

Citizens of Egypt,

It's been far too long without a newsletter. Over the course of our third Tale in the Desert, we've been challenged by new Tests created by our ancestors. In the Test of the True Leadership, we've given recognition to those that spearhead Egypt's great projects, to those that craft our laws, and to those that assist others in the Seven Disciplines.
In the Test of the Oyster Catcher we have explored Egypt's shores in a quest for oyster beds bearing rare pearls.
In the Test of Leavened Bread, we have learned to grow wheat, and bake it into loaves of nourishing bread.
In the Test of Ka, we have built tombs that will one day carry us to the afterlife.
And we have also puzzled over the Test of the Archaeologist, the Test of the Coalition, the Test of the Plantation, and all of the Tests of Harmony.
But one great challenge remains in our Tale - construction of the seven Great Monuments that will allow us to create new Tests, to leave our mark on the land, to challenge our descendants in A Tale in the Desert IV. Plans for these monuments are said to be inscribed on stone tablets deep in the desert, but the areas rumored to contain them are inaccessible - blocked by rings of mountains. Intriguingly, inventor Ktisibios has been seen in a craft that would easily cross the mountain rings, and there are whispers of his return over the weekend.

I'd like to invite all previous Citizens of Egypt back for the weekend - no cost, no credit card needed, no strings attached, starting Friday September 19, 2:00 EDT (GMT-0400). Reconnect with old friends, learn about all that has been discovered during the course of our Tale, and learn about plans for A Tale in the Desert IV in a special chat session:

Saturday, September 20, Noon EDT (GMT-0400)

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

On the Nile,
Teppy (Pharaoh)


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