The Test of Mentorship Release

Egypt is glad to announce the opening of its Welcoming Island, and with it, the Test of Mentorship. This new form of game introduction makes it possible for new players to have a better new player experience. On it, they will have a guided tour in the form of sign posts that will give them a detailed description of each basic task available in the game.

Being true to its challenging test, the Welcome Island has a group of players known as Mentors that will be available to help new players in their experience and answer any questions they may have. At the same time, Mentors have the possibility of being rewarded for their help as they will need these new players to give them Mentorship Decrees so they can pass the Test of Mentorship.

Follow Latif as he arrives in Egypt...


Latif trudged wearily for what seemed forever, the heat of the day weakening his body. Slowly, he sensed the waft of a cool wind and moisture on the air. His eyes widened, the lush green of an oasis accosting his senses. Suddenly, he felt a touch on his arm, a soft voice at his ear.

"Drink, friend, and refresh yourself. I am Mkitiris... welcome to Kemet." The gentle woman offered him a ladle-full of water, which the weary traveler drank, appearing both grateful and refreshed.

"This oasis is a place of learning... a way for us—those given leave by our great Pharaoh—to welcome new immigrants to this land. I am one of many, but all of us are trained to help travelers such as you find a place in our great land. Here, I can show you the many tasks that will help establish you once you find a place you want to make your home."

"But I have no tools... nothing to start with... " the young man protested.

"We shall make them together, and then speak with the teachers at the schools to learn the skills you need to have to build. We will show you what you need to have a beginning..." Smiling at his look of confusion, she directed his gaze to several small groups of people, in twos and threes, working diligently at their tasks.

Only a few yards from where they stood were two men working together to mix a mud mixture and pour into moulds, and several full moulds out beside them drying into bricks in the hot sun. Farther into the oasis were a group of women twisting grass into staves to dry. Still others were replanting seeds next to long beds of flax plants. Two others were starting a distaff to turning with a heave even Latif could hear from the distance away that he was. One young man, with a look of sheer concentration, held a skein of thread loosely in his teeth, as he hemmed a large sheet of linen, the parts of a small boat scattered about him.

"Yeshua is almost finished with his time here. He is making a small dory to sail across the water not far from here. From there he will be able to make a life away from the oasis. Ultimately, we all leave this oasis to find our lives." Mkitiris said, guiding Latif to the pool's edge, in the center of the oasis. "We shall start here... with the very pieces to begin your journey. Soon, you will be as ready to start anew with the skills you have learned, just like Yeshua."

Latif watched the people around him for a brief moment, and nodded, his gaze falling at last to watch Yeshua once more. "Yes. Let us begin..."

Story written by Sedjet, dedicated player


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