Explore the world of the ants

In A Tale in the Desert IV, Egyptian citizens strive to build a perfect society. The game features a large number of systems (mini-games), also called technologies: Cooking, Mining, Blacksmithing, Ecology, Glassblowing, Wine Making, Beer Brewing, and much more. Each of these systems is quite complicated, and requires Egypt's citizens to work as a whole to figure it out.

Today, we are glad to announce the release of a brand new technology, involving a system different from anything Egypt has ever seen: Myrmecology (Ants!).

Since this is a new concept in A Tale in the Desert, we are not able to say much about it without ruining the fun of the Egyptian people who are currently trying to figure it out. Everyone is however welcome to join Egypt in exploring the world of the ants and contributing to unlocking our Myrmecology tech.

Who will be smart enough to figure out this new game mechanics?

May Atum be upon you,


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