T4 NewsLetter Issue 3, 03/07/2009

Citizens of Egypt,

Last weekend was our 2009 Player Meet, and pictures are in! I've got to first thank Becky Smith (Pyx) for pulling off the most perfectly choreographed meet we've ever done. Fantastic food, seven real-life Tests, Hookahs, and even a bit of Dance Dance Revolution at the eGenesis office. What was especially cool was that we had about 40 people present, not counting the eGenesis crew: over 2% of all ATITD players showed up in person for the meet! I am quite confident that *no other* MMO can come anywhere close to that.


On Monday after the meet, Pluribus, Apophis, Sprite and I were at the eGenesis office and decided to challenge ourselves to invent and code a new "system" for ATITD. We use the word "system" to denote a game mechanic like what is used for cooking, or herb gathering, or making gravel - ATITD is comprised of hundreds of such systems. So we came up with something not related to a specific Test, but that will factor in to other Tests and technologies in a small way. So I won't tell here what the new skill and related system is, but can announce that it will be released this weekend.
We'll also have the release of a favorite classic ATITD Test of Architecture, and I may slip a couple of other surprises in as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in-game!

On the Nile,


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