T4 NewsLetter Issue 8, 07/30/2010

Citizens of Egypt,

As A Tale in the Desert IV opened, Pharaoh had died, and his two sons, Sami and Wahim, each addressed Egypt. Sami, the older son, wanted to share the bounty of his father's estate with the people, trying to win them over with gifts. Over the course of the Tale, Sami has sponsored contests and events, donating exotic goods to the champions, and to those that participated in the revelry.

Wahim had no material goods to give, nothing to make the people's life easier. In fact, as Sami lavished the people, Wahim intentionally stirred trouble, using them in his efforts to understand "the human condition" which he detailed in a series of essays known as Wahim's Manifesto. While Sami gave material goods, Wahim provided "Tests" - challenges to overcome, often with no concrete benefits.

As of this writing, several chapters of Wahim's Manifesto remain locked.

By tradition, for one son to ascend to Pharaoh, the other son must agree, and neither son was prepared to trust Egypt to the other. The impasse formed the backbone of A Tale in the Desert IV's story.

Finally, the brothers did agree on a way to resolve the impasse - a single vote to determine who would ascend as Pharaoh. Should Sami ascend, then he will implore the scientists of the next generation to research new skills and technologies invented by the citizens of Egypt, and voted on in a series of ongoing ballots. However, if Sami ascends, then all monuments completed will be considered false monuments, and their Tests not worthy of the next generation.

Should Wahim ascend, then the Monument Tests will become part of A Tale in the Desert V, but the technologies and skills created by the players will be forgotten.

The election ends, and the results will be revealed on:

Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 12:00 Noon, EDT (GMT-0400)

We'll also have our traditional end-of-tale party, known as "Amnesty", immediately following. At Amnesty, revealing any secret plot played out during the Tale is fair game! I'll tell all about my famous System Channel "who could win the lottery that would not seem like I hand-picked" message, behind-the-scenes happenings during Wahim's Microphone auction, and the results of the "Sway" social science experiment that ran during most of the Tale.

Finally, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone - old and new - for the launch of A Tale in the Desert V:

Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 12:00 Noon EDT (GMT-0400)

Dusk on the Nile,


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