2010 ATITD Player Meet, 08/27/2010

Join us for the 2010 ATITD Player Meet held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this September 17 - 19.

Get together with your Egypt family to discuss new techs, smoke a hookah with Pharaoh, explore new foods, hang out with devs and pass special meet tests in every discipline!

Your attendance fee is paid when you purchase a $75 player meet monkey through your billing menu. All activities, meals and events on Saturday are included.

Hotel reservations can be made directly through the front desk at Hampton Inn – McKnight Street (412) 939-3200 - Online Booking. Ask for the ATITD group rate of $100 per night. We’ve reserved the entire newly-renovated second floor with wireless and hard-wired internet. Please give your avatar name to the front desk when you make your reservation.

Once you’ve decided to attend, come apply to the Player Meet Lounge guild hall located at the Sterope chariot stop for T5 and at the Shabbat Ab chariot stop for Bastet. Chat any GM for a free ride to the guild hall.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, September 17

- 10am to 5pm: Open House at eGenesis office (gathering and tours)
- 6pm – 10pm: Get together at local pub or restaurant plus evening social activities
- 10pm – ???: Gaming and fun at hotel, hospitality suite and board rooms

Saturday, September 18

- Breakfast at hotel
- 9:30am – 4:30pm: Conference at eGenesis office
- 12 noon-ish: Lunch near office (location to be determined)
- 5:30pm: LEAVE for dinner in downtown Pittsburgh
- 6pm – 8pm: dinner at Abay (BYOB)
- 8:30 – 11pm: Sphinx Café for hookah and authentic African non-alcoholic drinks (BYOB)
- 11pm – ???: Gaming, silliness and fun at the hotel

Sunday, September 19

- Breakfast at hotel
- Private tour at Pittsburgh Zoo with CAMELS! (working on it…)
- Open house at eGenesis office

All events and activities on Saturday, September 18 are included with your monkey. You are responsible for the cost of meals and activities on other days as well as any alcoholic beverages you may purchase at restaurants.

The hospitality suite at the hotel is available for all attendees, including those who do not plan to stay at the hotel. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks will be available in the hospitality suite and eGenesis office. Iced coolers, cups, mixers, etc. will also be available for any drinks brought. Alcohol will not be provided but you’re encouraged to bring your own. You may bring alcoholic beverages where “Bring Your Own Bottle” is indicated (BYOB). Non-alcoholic areas and activities will be available for attendees under 21 years of age.Board gaming is popular – bring any games you like to play and be prepared to try something new!

If we coordinate flight arrival times, we should be able to pick people up from the airport – tipping your driver for the cost of gas would be nice. PLEASE chat PlayerMeet in T5, Bastet, via phone or email (below) with your planned arrival and departure even if you’re driving to the meet. We’ll carpool to events. The hotel has reserved the second floor for us. These rooms are newly refurbished with two luxury pillow-top queen size beds, fluffy pillows (ask our reconnaissance player), wireless and hardwired internet. We’re also being given the use of a conference room downstairs for board-gamers who wish to spread out. If you prefer a smoking room or king-size bed, please let the hotel know and you’ll be placed on another floor. The second floor is located just upstairs from the pool, hot tub and fitness center (yeah, right). Can we say “How many players can fit in a jacuzzi?” ;)

Player Meet “Tests”

There will be tests in every discipline for players to enjoy throughout the meet. Be ready to create works of art, engineer the tallest obelisk, hunt materials for Pharaoh’s next project, prove your intelligence and engage in the drama and intrigue of the newest test: Test of the Poisoned Patriarch. Will you pass every test to become a Player Meet Oracle?

Looking forward to a marvelous and memorable event. –PlayerMeet; (215) 260-7906 or Becky@artdepartment.com


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