"The game isn't afraid to take chances with content." - Apple Games

"A Tale in the Desert has completely taken me in. What's even more amazing is that it captured my attention when I was very involved in another game." - IGN

"Plenty of games have attempted to find subtle variations on the formula, but until A Tale in the Desert, no game has done away with it completely." - GameSpot

"The entire game is designed to strengthen community above all else and the land is constantly changing as a result of community actions, giving the feeling of breathing civilization." - MMORPG.com

"Truly revolutionary MMOG built from a couple of guys in Pittsburgh." - PC Mag

"From the first second you logged onto A Tale In the Desert, it was clear that it wasn’t just another massively-multiplayer game." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"A Tale in the Desert is about creating a society, and watching the experiment in action is almost as enjoyable as taking part." - Yahoo! Games

"The developers keep a vigilant eye on their players and are constantly in contact with them, making ATITD one of the more player-friendly games on the market." - Ten Ton Hammer

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